Welcome to Davenport!

Dear Class of 2025,

Woo hoo! You are a fellow GNOME! (All students in Davenport are gnomes, which is frankly the BEST MASCOT THERE IS.) Today is a great day in which we welcome you to the club. There is much to introduce you to and we are so excited for the gates to be thrown open in August to bring you in and start acquainting you with the Dive (what?), the cottage (huh?), the BEST food on campus (yes, really.), the wildly awesome first-year counselors (they’ll be in touch), your new suite mates (they’ll be in touch too), and other Gnomes who will make up your Davenport family.

August 23 or 27 th is the big day: Move-in. Coming off the pandemic, it’s very different this year and we are very excited to welcome you to Davenport. More info will be coming to you on that but do check out the Move-In page there is lots of info. Move-in is the culmination of all your hard high school work finally paying off. So as you walk into the Davenport courtyard as a Yale student  for the first time, don’t forget to pause and soak it in!

Welcome and we can’t wait to meet you…we really can’t, we even made a video for you

Have a great summer; we’ll be together before you know it!

Welcome from Head of College - John Witt