Davenport College Council

Davenport College Council

Davenport College Council (DCC) is a student government body that works with Prof.  Gonzalez to discuss and resolve issues within Davenport College. We meet weekly on Monday nights in the Common Room to discuss events and issues relating to Davenport. The Council seeks to foster community and engage students in discussion on improving the quality of life in Davenport.

davenport social activities committee

Davenport Social Activities Committee (SAC) is apart of DCC and organizes most social events in Davenport.

Our Fall semester events include (but are not limited to): Take Your Professor to Dinner Nights, Broadway Trip, Movie Nights, Community Hours, Night at the Repertory Theater, baseball games, apple picking, etc.

Spring semester: Ski Trip, Opera (Met) Trip, John Davenport Day, and most of the smaller events listed for the Fall semester.

Davenport Student Activities Committee meetings are on Mondays at 9 p.m. in the Common Room.


Food will ALWAYS be provided. A student does NOT have to be an elected representative or on the executive board member to attend and participate in the discussion. Meetings are very informal and student-input based. DCC/DSAC always need more people to help out and we’d love to see you at our meetings and events!

The current members and officers are listed below. Anyone is welcome to come to meetings, and elections are held near the end of fall semester. Email the council at davenportcollegecouncil@gmail.com.

DCC Officers

  • Ella Martinez ‘25
  • Mandy Buster ‘25
  • Sophia Graham ‘26
SAC Chairs
  • Jayson Wright ‘26
  • Laura An ‘26
  •  Steven Zhang ‘25
Publicity directors
  • Sara Molina ‘26
  • Christine Dong ‘26