First-Year Counselors

First-Year Counselors are the first point of contact for first years looking for help or advice. They are a select group of seniors who live on Old Campus with the first years and dedicate their senior year to the job. Being a FroCo is a full-time commitment every day at all hours, and the students chosen do a truly remarkable job. The 2017 - 2018 FroCos are listed below.

Zaki Bahrami

Yo what’s good! My name is Zaki and I was born and raised in Muncie, Indiana (land of the cornfields) and my parents are originally from Afghanistan. I came to Yale from a normal public high school, and am currently pursuing a double major in Global Affairs and Statistics/Data Science. Here is a disorganized list of things I have been involved in at random points during my time here so that you can ask me about one you might be interested in: Davenport College Council, lots and lots of intramural sports, FOOT, the Chaplain’s Office, Yale Rotaract Club, Dwight Hall Socially Responsible Investment Fund (DHSRI), Muslim Students Association (MSA), Yale Hunger & Homelessness Action Project (YHHAP), and Davenport College Aides. I have also worked a couple of different jobs during the years such as a tutor, IM secretary, research assistant, and more. Some less boring stuff about me: I love playing pretty much any board/video game and also any sport. I love dancing and singing even though I’m not great at either. I’m a HUGE foodie, I’m kind of nerdy, and I come from a big family (5 siblings) so I love being around people.

Joseph Battles

I’m from Berkeley, California, where I grew up with my parents and two wonderful younger brothers. I’m majoring in economics and math, but I’m thinking of making a slight shift to statistics and data science. I’m also very interested in environmental issues and particularly environmental economics and policy. I’ve worked for the Athletics Office writing articles about the men’s cross country and track and field teams and more recently in the Yale Sustainability Office as a research assistant. In my free time, I’ve loved volunteering in the Dive (the Davenport Buttery, probably the best unpaid job on campus!), training with Yale Club Running, ordering and eating late-night pizza with friends, and going to lots of music events around campus. During the summer, I’ve worked/volunteered as a teacher, local government intern in Louisville, Kentucky (a great, Yale-coordinated, paid job!), and most recently, as an fellow at the sustainability office at the Australian National University (also paid for by Yale!).

Eva Branson

Hey! My name is Eva and I’m from Silver Spring, MD right outside of Washington, DC. I’m majoring in History with a focus on African-American and American history more generally. I’m also in the Multi-disciplinary Academic Program in Human Rights (which sounds a lot more fancy than it is). With that, I’m mostly focused on criminal justice reform and the connections between arts and human rights. I spent last summer in New Orleans working with the public defender’s office. And, the summer before that I studied in Spain before heading to Rwanda for an internship. Over the past few years, I’ve done a lot of different things so I’ll only mention the highlights. Last year I was the business manager of Something Extra, a kickass all female a cappella group, and I’ll be joining Haley as part of the senior group, Whim n’ Rhythm. My first and second year I was also pretty heavily involved in theater and the Dramat, so please talk to me about that! I’m also the student liaison for the Gilder Lehrman Center for the Study of Slavery, Resistance, and Abolition so get ready to be spammed with emails about some awesome events. I’ve also worked with the Hunger and Homelessness Action Project’s Book Exchange which is a really great place to get textbooks on campus at the beginning of each semester. And, I have a radio show every week so tune in to listen to me talk about music!

Elise Gubbins

Hey guys! I’m from San Luis Obispo, CA, which is a suburb-y college town about halfway between LA and San Francisco (Central Coast! It’s a thing!). My major is biomedical engineering, though I applied as a biology major, intending pre-med and ultimately decided against that. When I’m not in class, I spend a lot of time working at the Niklason lab, a tissue engineering lab at the medical school. I have also managed the Davenport student kitchen for the past two years, and worked at the Dive last year (can you tell that I’m passionate about food?). I’ve loved my experiences being a part of Yale Rotaract (with Zaki), a community service organization, Tau Beta Pi, the engineering honor society, and most of all Yale Bee Space (A Space for Bees at Yale), the beekeeping group. Over the summers, I have done a Yale language program, which included going abroad (highly recommend as a great way to get three credits, finish your language requirement, AND have an amazing experience), done research, and been a Yale summer tour guide.

(A few) things I love: Halsey and Lorde’s respective summer 2017 albums, crafting, youtube videos about how things are made (hard candy and cake decorating in particular), the TV show Wynonna Earp.

Annie Jones

Hi y’all! I’m from Fort Worth, Texas, and at Yale I’m double-majoring in Art and Spanish. I’m a really huge nerd, so I spend most of my time in class (honestly, like 8-10 hours a day). Outside of class, though, I have three jobs: working as the head Spanish tutor at the Center for Language Study, being a Math Talks consultant (talk to me about this – best and strangest job ever), and managing the Davenport pottery studio (please come to my open hours!). I’ve had all these jobs since my first year except for the language tutoring—first years unfortunately can’t be language tutors—but at that time I worked for the Yale Baroque Opera Project as a graphic designer. I’m also a proud member of the Yale Dramat, and I love designing makeup and publicity for many of the undergraduate productions here. My faith is an important part of my identity, and I’m involved in the University Church, my faith home at Yale. And, of course, I couldn’t be a true Texan without participating in the Texas Society!

A few things that have been incredibly precious to me in my time at Yale have been the academic and artistic opportunities I’ve had and the friends I’ve made, who I really consider to be family (shout out to Joe, my literal day one). It’s been an incredible challenge and blessing for me to balance spending so much time with my friends, making new friends and keeping up with my jobs/extracurriculars/

schoolwork/art practice. Over the summers I’ve taught Art and English at a boarding school in Spain (ask me about this – it was life-changing and funded by Yale), studied performance at Juilliard, completed a month-long endurance performance art piece, and studied at the Yale Norfolk School of Art. These experiences were so, so important and formative to me, and with the exception of the first one, I had to find unconventional funding methods, so I’d love to share my tips and experience!

Noelle MacDonald

Hi everyone! I’m from Revere, Massachusetts, a city just north of Boston (home to America’s first public beach and a mean roast beef sandwich). I’m majoring in English and loving (almost) every minute of it. Though I’m not involved in too many extracurriculars, I love going to undergraduate performances, exploring the Yale University Art Gallery, and taking advantage of all the hidden gems Yale and New Haven have to offer. I’ve been a Davenport Big Sib and I try to participate in Dport intramurals whenever possible. I have worked as a Program Assistant at the McDougal Center for Graduate Student Life for about a year, helping plan and set up events at the grad school. I spent last semester studying abroad in England through Yale in London, an incredible program I would be happy to talk about with anyone who will listen. While I had an amazing time, I’m still very excited to get back into the swing of things at Yale! During my summers, I’ve been a camp counselor in my hometown and, most recently, interned with Wiley, a scholarly publishing company with an office in Boston. Did I mention I’m from Boston?

Haley Mitchell-Adams

Hi everyone! I’m from Stratford, CT (only about 25 minutes away from Yale!) and have lived in Connecticut my whole life. I have a twin brother who goes to Trinity College and a dog named Roxy, both of which you’re likely to see roaming around campus from time to time! At Yale, I am a double major in Psychology and History of Science, Medicine, and Public Health. I am really passionate about the study and treatment of mental illness and psychological disorders, both in the past and in the present, so if that’s something you’re also interested in I’d love to chat with you about it! I work in an Alzheimer’s Disease research lab and in the MOD (Mechanisms of Disinhibition) Lab, which studies psychopathy and other antisocial personality disorders. When not in class or at lab, I work as the Davenport Buttery Manager, a Davenport Head of College Aide, and also as a Payne Whitney Swim Instructor. For fun, I sing a lot in the shower, oh and I do a cappella – I was in Mixed Company for the past two years, and this coming year I’ll be in Whim ‘N Rhythm with a co-froco, Eva! I’ve dabbled a bit in theater but have mostly been a member of the audience (you can sometimes catch me going to 4 shows in a weekend!!)

Ahmed Syed

Hi everyone! A little bit about myself - I was raised in the great city of Chicago but I was born in Pakistan. When it comes to majors, I’ve jumped around a little bit but settled on Economics. Over the past three years at Yale, I’ve been involved in various groups on campus, including a social entrepreneurship group, organizing Yale’s annual hackathon, cultural and religious groups such as the South Asian Society and the Muslim Students Association, a Bollywood/Hip-Hop fusion dance team, and more. I have also worked as a Career Fellow at the Yale Jackson Institute for Global Affairs and at the Chaplain’s office throughout my time at Yale. My hobbies include dance, amateur photography, traveling, exercise, and wasting time on Reddit. I’m always down to talk about basketball, good music, physics, food, or anything really – as long as it’s in good company.