First-Year Counselors

First-Year Counselors are the first point of contact for first years looking for help or advice. They are a select group of seniors who live on Old Campus with the first years and dedicate their senior year to the job. Being a FroCo is a full-time commitment every day at all hours, and the students chosen do a truly remarkable job. The 2018- 2019 FroCos are listed below.

Cody Clements

My first year at Yale was full of unforgettable experiences, but a standout memory was the time I spent in Commons at the First-Year Holiday Dinner. Every December, Yale goes above and beyond in its planning for the end of the semester Holiday Dinner. All of the First-Years (and FroCos!!) dress to the nines and head to the event with all of their friends – the experience is truly incredible. The food arrives at the venue in a procession dubbed “The Parade of Comestibles,” and I can honestly say that it was the grandest display of dishes and ice sculptures I have ever seen. Challah bread by the foot, mountainous piles of sushi, meats arranged in ice sleighs and a dessert bar fit for a king rung in the end of the semester and the beginning of the Holiday Season. I laughed the evening away with my suitemates, friends and teammates, then stumbled my way into Reading Period, full and happy.

Andrew Del Vecchio

Here’s what I learned during my first year at Yale… 
1. Papa John’s is 50% off to Yale Students. 
2. Snackpass is a must-have app for late night food options 
3. Intramurals are the best way to get a workout in without having to go to the gym. 
4. Chicken Tender Thursdays in the Dining Halls are a staple of the Yale experience. 
5. Don’t be afraid to reach out to new people. People are friendly. 
6. Treat yourself. You’ve earned it.

Daniel Diaz-Vita

1) My favorite memory from my first year is near the end of the year (other than Spring Fling, duh) when all my friends and I were leaving campus and I realized that the people I became friends with during this year are going to be some of my best friends. I can reaffirm this going into senior year. They weren’t kidding when they said the people you meet during college were going to be some of your best friends for life.

2) During my first year at Yale, I learned how to be (somewhat successfully) independent! I learned to reach out for help and tap into all the resources I had surrounding and supporting me, whether that be on campus or back home. It was a difficult journey that I took to learn this lesson (took a lot of L’s, we can talk about it if you want haha) but it was well worth. Hopefully, these L’s don’t stop me from going to law school haha.

3) What surprised me the most about Yale was how AWESOME the people are here. Yale has some of the coolest and nicest people you will ever meet. Whether that be someone who just likes making beats, is a stand-up comic, or just incredibly nice and caring, the people at Yale are what make Yale, Yale.

Emily Everlith

My favorite memory during my first year was tap night for when I joined my a cappella group, Something Extra. Although the Rush process was very intense and demanding, it was all worth it when I heard the current members chanting my name as they ran all the way up my entryway to my princess suite in Welch. I remember the older girls saying stuff like “you are going to become BEST FRIENDS” to all the first-years and I was shocked by their enthusiasm but still very excited. Since that night, I have gotten closer each day to the girls in my group and I truly do consider them not only my best friends, but my sisters. I think back to them telling me how this would be the case that first night and I am so thankful for the friendships I have gained since then.

Lily Mirfakhraie

My favorite memory from my first year was the evening of Davenport’s First Year dinner, held in the dining hall. When we arrived, we were treated to a delicious meal, surrounded by our classmates and FroCos, and sang the Davenport fight song. It was truly the first time I felt like a member of the Davenport community, and reminded me fondly of singing my high school alma mater at sporting events. Perhaps most importantly, I remember being so grateful for the time just to chat with and meet my classmates, after the hectic early days of Camp Yale. Following the dinner, my suitemates and I sat out on the grass in the Davenport courtyard and talked for hours, just getting to know one another. Before we went back to our rooms, we all took a picture, which remains one of my most cherished photos from my time at Yale thus far.

Sara Speller

My favorite memory from my first year at Yale is sitting in my common room and talking to my suitemates, neighbors and best friends about anything from politics to personal stories to light-hearted jokes. Those nights in Welch brought my closest friends, and I still hang out with all of those people regularly.

Ashlynn Torres

One of my favorite moments of my first year was the first snow of the year – it barely snowed at all, but I was so excited for it! It was the beginning of spring semester, and I had just gotten back from winter break, which I had spent at home in California. On the walk back to Old Campus after dinner, my suitemate and I stopped to make a little snowperson. A little bit later, one of my friends, who was also from California, asked me if I wanted to have a snowball fight. So, we went outside and tried to make snowballs out of the teeny bit of snow that had fallen and then we made snow angels. Another one of my suitemates walked past us and joined in on the snowball fight. It was the first time that I had seen snow fall, and it was so beautiful, especially because I got to share it with friends.

 Neil Zheng

Yale inspired me to explore new opportunities during my first year. When I first stepped on campus, I had no clue about potential majors or careers. So I decided to survey a range of classes from learning German to learning programming, studying films to studying math. Yale helped me surprise myself in finding the breadth of my interests, which I have carried forth through my years here. I hope to share this journey of exploration through Yale with friends, new and old.