Graduate Affiliates

Michael Avi-Yonah



Dani Barlow


I am a third year theater management MFA candidate at Yale School of Drama. I also serve as the Associate Director of Development for Yale Repertory Theatre and Yale School of Drama. I grew up in Maryland, right outside of Washington, D.C. Before Yale, I worked in the DC theater community at Studio Theater, Round House Theatre, and Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company after graduating Muhlenberg College in 2013. I have a deep love of musical theater, tap dance, and some very specific reality television programs.
So if you want to talk about theater, either pursuing it professionally or as a extracurricular activity, or need someone to discuss what is happening on the new season of Terrace House with as a way to destress from school, I would love to chat. You can email me at Please say hello if you see me around! 

Hannah Batchelor

Medicine and Neuroscience

Hello! I am a second year MD-PhD student. Originally from Michigan, I graduated from Michigan State University in 2016. Afterwards, I spent two wonderful years in Baltimore as a postbac at the NIH. I am currently completing my second year of medical school and will start grad school in Fall 2020. For my PhD I will be joining Jess Cardin’s lab in the neuroscience department where I will use cutting edge imaging techniques to study neural circuits in the mouse visual cortex and their effects on behavior. Currently my clinical interests lie primarily within psychiatric disorders, particularly substance use disorders. 
Outside of school you can find me baking, playing with my new, adorable pet rats, traveling, sipping coffee, thrift shopping, and relaxing with close friends. 
I am excited to get to know you and hope you will reach out if anything I mentioned above resonates with you. I am always happy to chat!



Sarah Jane Bever-Chritton



Doni Bloomfield


I’m a graduate of UChicago and a former biotech reporter at Bloomberg News, now finishing up my JD and going into a career working and researching antitrust/competition questions, especially in pharma. Feel free to shoot me an email at if you want to talk about antitrust, history, journalism, biotech, law, writing, or anything else under the sun.

James Campbell



Enoch Chang


Enoch grew up in California before joining the Davenport ‘16 family to study philosophy and grill RJRs in the Dive. He is currently a 4th year medical student taking a research year applying machine learning techniques to study brain tumors. In his free time he enjoys collecting vinyls, road-tripping, and rooting for the Dodgers, Rams, and Lakers. Feel free to reach out - he’s happy to chat!

Brian Chen



Dervin Cunningham

Yale School of Medicine

To those of you I have not met yet, my name is Dervin Cunningham and I am currently a 2nd year at Yale School of Medicine. I was created in South Georgia and my family is from Jamaica. As for hobbies, I like a lot of things……. music, basketball, strolling, philosophizing, ordering books off of Amazon, and much more. Not sure yet what I will be doing in the future but my hope is that whatever it is I never stop dreaming. I look forward to meeting each of you, so if ever seen around the college or campus don’t hesitate to say hello. Wishing you all nothing less than the best!

Benjamin Daus-Haberle


Ben hails from Lexington, Massachusetts. Currently a 2L at Yale Law, Ben graduated from Yale College in 2012. There, he studied history and also served as Saybrook froco.
Between undergrad and law school, Ben worked for Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski in Washington, DC, received an MPhil from Oxford as a Marshall Scholar, and then worked with Dr. Henry Kissinger for a year in New York.
His interests include reading, writing, running, hiking, good conversation, TV, theology, the law, and travel. He also remembers his own grad affiliates well and is happy to grab lunch or dinner at Davenport to chat about anything.

Tyrone DeSpenza

Yale School of Medicine

Tyrone is from New Orleans, so he spends most Sundays watching the Saints, the best football team.  He studied Neuroscience and was a member of the Varsity Track team as a an undergraduate at Dartmouth College.  He is now a 2nd year MD/PhD student in Neuroscience at YSM, and is interested in understanding the molecular genetics of neurodevelopmental disorders. Feel free to contact Tyrone to meet for med school/premed advice over coffee, going out for a run, or watching sports, especially the Saints :)  

Weilai Dong

GSAS, Engineering

Jeff Duncan

School of Medicine

I’m a first year MD/PhD student and graduate of Haverford College. At Haverford, I studied biology and ran cross country and track. After graduating, I did infectious disease research at Harvard Medical School and Uniformed Services University. When I’m not in the lab or library, I love to run long distances, play board games, and spend time with my cat. Please feel free to reach out to me by email I’m always interested to talk about to graduate or medical school applications, science, medicine, cats, running, etc.!


Suzanne Estrada

GSAS, Engineering

I’m a third-year grad student in clinical psychology and Davenport alum (class of 2016), and it’s been great to be part of the Dport family for 8 years now! As part of my PhD, I study how traumatic events lead to violent and aggressive behavior and administer therapy in English and Spanish. 
Outside of clinical psych and research, I love soccer, reality TV, and pop culture. I also studied abroad for a semester in undergrad. Please feel free to reach out ( to chat about the above or anything else that’s on your mind! 

Sarah Fitzpatrick

Medicine, PA

I grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio and graduated from Ohio State University in 2016. After 2 years working at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, I ultimately decided to pursue an MD-PhD (not the original plan) and ended up at Yale. I’m an MS2, which means I have one more year of med school classes and hospital rotations before Fall 2020 when I’ll start my PhD in Neuroscience in Dr. Ellen Hoffman’s lab. My research interests are primarily neurodevelopment, genetics, and psychiatry, but I’m still exploring!
Outside of school, I’m very into salsa dancing, writing, mental health, theater, working out, biking, hiking, quality time with friends, podcasts, and solo travel.
Please email me at any time if you’re interested in med/grad school, MD-PhD programs, neuroscience, women’s issues, hobbies, happiness, or anything else! I’m more than happy to grab a meal or coffee and talk or give any advice/wisdom I may pretend to have. 

Elijah Fromm



Stephanie Garlock


Hi everyone! My name is Stephanie (or Steph), and I’m a third-year law student. I graduated in 2013 from Harvard College, where I studied American history and was a news editor on the student paper. After college, I lived in D.C. and worked as a journalist covering cities and urban policy for the website CityLab, and then as a legal assistant at a public interest law firm. Academically and professionally, I’m interested in economic justice issues, consumer law, and the role of government in protecting the financially vulnerable. Outside of school, I love hiking, finding the best (acceptable) exercise classes in New Haven, curating my podcast queue, and watching reality TV with friends. 
I’m excited to talk about deciding between law school and other paths (I had zero idea I wanted to go to law school as an undergrad, and also considered journalism, think tanks, and academia), careers in D.C. after college, your thoughts on Pilot Pete’s prospects as The Bachelor, and anything else! I can be reached at

Seunghwa Han

GSAS, Engineering


Jennifer Hanberg


I’m a first year medical student and so excited to be part of the Davenport community again! I studied mathematics as an undergraduate and graduated in 2013; since then I’ve participated in a post-baccalaureate pre-medical program at Bryn Mawr College and done two years of research in cardiology. Outside of academics, I really enjoy healthy baking, running/hiking, board/card games, playing the piano, and foreign languages (always looking for a chance to practice Russian, German or Spanish!) Please don’t hesitate to reach out – I’d love to talk about alternative paths to medicine, pre-medical or veterinary volunteering, life as a married (medical) student, optimal running routes in New Haven, or the secret of the 50-calorie brownie.

Isabelle Hannah


I’m a third-year law student from Cleveland, Ohio.  I studied both Economics and Biology at Vanderbilt University.  Before deciding to head to law school, I was also pre-med and went through the medical school application process.  If you have questions about choosing a professional path, departing from a professional path that you’ve taken in undergrad, or just want to chat about law school or health policy, email me at


Kelly Hernandez


Hello everyone! I’m a first-year student at the law school originally from Santa Cruz, CA. I graduated from Stanford with a B.A. in Political Science and an M.A. in Sociology in 2016. After college, I was a Public Interest Law Fellow in L.A. and was later a Policy Fellow in D.C. where I worked on education equity and economic justice issues. Most recently, I worked at the ACLU’s National Voting Rights Project, where I was a part of a litigation team that advocated before the Supreme Court. Outside of school, I love mentoring students, listening to podcasts, dancing, singing karaoke, drinking boba and coffee, hiking, and graphite drawing. 
I’m more than happy to talk about navigating these spaces as a QPOC and/or first-gen, law school applications, social justice–anything else on your mind! Please consider me a resource! Reach me at


Eve Houghton


I graduated from Davenport in 2017 and did my Master’s degree in Renaissance Literature at Cambridge, and I’m very excited to be back as a graduate affiliate! I’m a PhD student in English studying the literature and culture of early modern England. I also work as a curatorial associate at the Beinecke Library and as a Writing Partner at the Center for Teaching and Learning. I am more than happy to chat about writing, library careers, applying to graduate school, finding the best oat milk flat white in New Haven, etc…please just send me an email!


Chaney Kalinich

Public Health

I am a current student at the School of Public Health in the 5 year BS/MPH program studying infectious disease epidemiology and mathematical modeling. I currently work in a lab at Yale generating and using genomic data to map the spread of infections and my academic interests are in medicine and emerging infections (especially viruses!). I am a recent Davenport alum (‘19), and as an undergrad played field hockey and was involved in MB&B peer advising. I’m glad I get to stick around Dport for another year!
Outside of academics, I love sports, reading, and music. Reach out if you want to chat about working in labs, MB&B, the 5-year MPH program, infectious diseases, sports, or anything under the sun!

Will Kamin


Will is a native Chicagoan and 2015 graduate of Amherst College, where he studied political science and rowed heavyweight crew. Between college and law school, he returned to Chicago to teach English at a Catholic school on the West Side of the city.
 Will’s academic interests are centered around law and religion, criminal law theory, habeas corpus, statutory interpretation, English legal history, and communitarian critiques of liberalism. He hopes to pursue these interests and others in a career as a legal academic. If you’re interested in talking about any of these areas, or about whisky, Cubs baseball,  theology, country music, classical music, or law school more generally, please do reach out via email (

Clare Kane


I was a Davenport Froco during 2013-2014 (shoutout to my froshbabies who are now Frocos themselves!) While at Yale I double-majored in English and Ethics, Politics, & Economics and played ultimate frishbee. I spent two years teaching high school English in rural Texas on the Mexican border, and I’m back at law school to focus on immigration law and legal teaching. Originally from Washington State, I love hiking, biking, camping, running, backpacking, kayaking, and anything else that gets me outdoors. Let’s go for a run! Or shoot me an email and let’s talk about anything.

Phillip Kaplan



Lea Kiefer

Biophysics & Biochemistry

Hi my name is Lea, and I’m a fifth-year grad student in Matt Simon’s lab. I am originally from Germany and left to get my undergraduate degree from the University of San Diego, where I studied Biochemistry and Math. I started grad school in 2015 and have been working on developing tools to study changes in gene expression in cells as part of the chemical biology institute out on Yale West Campus.
Outside of lab, I love to spend time outside hiking, camping, running, biking, you name it. I also like to destress from work doing all sorts of crafts, like sewing, pottery or the occasional woodworking.
I am happy to talk to you about pursuing careers in the sciences, being international or anything else that comes to your mind (!

Jonathan Klein

Medicine, PA



Ela Leshem


I’m a third-year law student. I previously studied music at the conservatories of Stuttgart (Germany) and Bern (Switzerland), Philosophy and History in Yale College, and wrote my doctorate in Philosophy at Oxford (on the binding of future generations through laws and contracts). I love to hike, play chamber music and table tennis, and talk about anything under (and over) the sun. I’m very much looking forward to meeting you all! You can reach me at

Ned Levin



Don Li


I am currently a third year MD/PhD student, which means that I spend most of my time around the hospital; however, more importantly, I was a 2013 graduate of Davenport and a former Dport freshman counselor. Unfortunately, that means that I have never quite lost my tendency of trying to give advice on just about any subject regardless of my qualification for doing so. I enjoy hanging out and I am always open to having a meal or meeting up if you have questions or if you just want meet for any reason whatsoever. In particular I was very involved with Yale Summer Session, the Yale Political Union, and general being a pre-med at Yale so if you are interested in talking about those subjects you should definitely contact me at Looking forward to meeting you!

Jared Lucky


Born and raised in El Paso, TX, Jared graduated from Harvard College in 2015. He works as a teaching fellow in the History department, and a writing partner at the Center for Teaching and Learning. His dissertation looks into cattle frontiers and cowboys in the British and Spanish Empires. He’s always happy to chat about grad school apps, writing, history, philosophy, country music, and all things outdoors. 

Eleanor Martin

Classics and History

Hi everyone! My name is Eleanor and I’m a first year in the graduate school. I just finished my undergrad at the University of Oxford in June and am psyched to be back on US soil. I moved fairly frequently as a kid but feel most rooted in Providence, RI, where I went to high school. In no particular order, I am passionate about: coffee, very old things, Trader Joe’s, reality TV (especially the Bachelor franchise!!!), crime/period dramas, my dog Penelope (her Instagram is @penelopiad), and complaining. I also love meeting new people and chatting with pals, so please feel free to reach out to me about any of the above and/or grad school and life post-undergrad!

Sam Murullo



Elsa Mota


My name is Elsa Mota and I am a third year student at the law school. You may see me around Davenport as your Resident Graduate Affiliate. I enjoy mentoring first year students (especially first gen students!), dancing, watching The Office, and traveling. I am currently applying for fellowships and hoping to work in the arenas of civil rights, education, or immigration. 
Please reach out if you’re interested in law school, talking social justice, or anything else!

Shannon Price


Fernando Quiroz


Hi Davenport College! My name is Fernando and I’m currently a 1L student at the law school. I grew up in Las Vegas, NV and Monterey, CA and attended Cornell University, where I studied Government and International Relations. I spent a year abroad in London and later worked in New York City as a paralegal. I’m currently hoping to pursue a career in either immigration or criminal law. Beyond school, I’m very interested in politics, film, and architecture. I’m looking forward to getting to know many of you over the course of the school year. Please feel free to reach out to me at with any questions about literally anything. I’m happy to be a resource and help out in any way possible!

Neal Ravindra

Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry

I’m a Ph.D. candidate in the department of Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry and I’m part of the integrated graduate program in physical and engineering biology. My dissertation research is focused on understanding how several weak protein-protein interactions enable the rapid assembly of large macromolecular networks. I’m currently obsessed with modular protein interaction domains and I’m trying to figure out exactly how ‘modular’ they are. The broader goal of my current fixation is to try and understand  how the relationship between binding specificity and binding affinity affects the function of signaling networks, and, in particular, endocytosis, the process by which cells internalize extracellular signals and nutrients. I use CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing techniques, bioinformatics, mathematical modeling, single-molecule imaging, and quantitative microscopy to help me generate the content of my dissertation. Before I transitioned into biology at Yale, I studied physics and philosophy as an undergraduate at the University of Notre Dame. In my spare time, I’m involved with the New Haven Science Fair as a member of the Scientific Review Committee and I love playing the violin, cooking, and hiking. So, if you’re interested in getting involved in the local science fair (mentoring, judging, or reviewing projects), or if you’re thinking about applying to graduate school, or even if you’re in need of an amateur violinist or an informal conversation about anything, please reach out to me at <> and I’d be happy to chat with you!

Rev. Pat Reidy, C.S.C.



B. Rey


My name is B., and I’m a second-year student at the law school. I graduated from Yale College, where I majored in Global Affairs and took a semester off to work with the ACLU’s National Security Project. After college, I worked on policy advocacy (chiefly state legislative reform on issues of juvenile justice, child welfare, and policing) for several years. My academic and professional interests include immigration, criminal defense, and privacy issues. In law school, I am on the boards of FGP, the org for first-generation students, and OutLaws, the org for LGBTQ+ students. I also love hiking, climbing, and baking.
Happy to talk law school, time off in college, navigating being first-gen and/or queer in these spaces, legislative reform work, or anything else. You can reach me at

Kirsten Rischert-Garcia


My name is Kirsten and I’m currently a second year at the Divinity School studying philosophical theology.  I am from New York City and attended both Wesleyan and NYU’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study, where I studied philosophy and religion. After graduation I interned at the United Nations with the Holy See Mission. Some of my hobbies include travel, ballroom dancing, and attending lectures and debates. I’m also a fan of Christian existentialism and I love studying Soren Kierkegaard! I really enjoyed being a Davenport grad affiliate last year and I’m happy to return this year. Please reach out if you have any questions or would like to meet up!


Shireen Roy

Public Health


Josh Rubin



Sylvia Ryerson

American Studies


Aanchal Saraf

American Studies and WGSS

Hello everyone! My name is Aanchal and I’m a third year in the graduate school. I am from so-called Houston,TX (which sits on Akokisa and Sana lands) by way of many places, and my work at Yale focuses on the raced and gendered dimensions of overlapping imperialisms in the Pacific. I love singing, book binding, hiking, bright colors, reality tv, scary movies, and anti-racist world-building. I am also the graduate mentor at Yale’s Women’s Center, and encourage all of you to visit that space if you haven’t yet. We welcome all, especially women and gender non-conforming folx.
I’m more than happy to talk about graduate school applications and can also personally speak to the process of applying for and/or receiving fellowships like Mellon/Bouchet, NSF, and Rhodes. I am also down to talk about being a QPOC at a PWI, speculative fiction, Mitski, –really anything at all!  You can email me at, I’m excited to get to know y’all!

Becca Schapiro

Public Health

I am currently a student at the Yale School of Public Health with a concentration in Social and Behavioral Sciences. I am part of the 5 year BA/MPH program, so I am a very recent Davenport Alum (2019). As an undergraduate I was an HSHM major and a Global Health Scholar. An additional interest of mine is how healthcare can best be provided to populations experiencing homelessness, which was the main focus on my undergraduate thesis. In this vein, I serve on the Steering Committee of Y2Y New Haven and am the volunteer coordinator of PAWS. In my spare time, I am a proud member of Ramona, the Yale Women’s Club Ultimate team!
I am always happy to talk about public health, the history of medicine and public health, and frisbee! You can reach me at

Claudia See


Hello! I am from San Diego, California, and graduated from Yale College in 2017 as a Biomedical Engineering major. 
At Yale, I lived in Davenport for all four years (quiet courtyard all the way) and enjoyed this homey community a lot! I was very involved in an undergraduate Christian fellowship called Yale Students for Christ, and also spent a lot of time at the CEID. 
After graduating, I worked for two years in Orange County, CA as a medical device engineer at Medtronic for transcatheter heart valve devices, and loved my time there. I just returned to Yale this fall to start as a first year medical student! 
Talk to me about anything, including (my email is
-Medical device engineering and cardiology research
-Gap years before medical school
-Rock climbing
-Boba (or rather the lack of it in New Haven)
-Christian community

Kevin Shankar

School of Management


Michael Solotke

Medicine and School of Management

Michael is a 4th year MD/MBA joint degree student and a Davenport alum (‘13). As an undergrad, he was a freshman counselor, a college aide, a carillonneur, and very involved with Community Health Educators. As a grad student, he focuses on health policy, equity, LGBTQ+ issues, and digital health. He plans to pursue residency in OBGYN. Reach out to him at if you want to talk about any of the above subjects, being pre-med, healthcare consulting, or Yale in general.

Maragaret Traylor



Ilana Usiskin


My name is Ilana and I am a fourth year medical student. I grew up in Mendham, NJ and attended Yale University as an undergraduate (Davenport College class of 2014!). In college, I studied biomedical engineering and sang in an a cappella group and was a coxswain on the rowing team. I moved to Boston for a few years before I returned to New Haven for medical school! I enjoy running, hiking, skiing, eating ice cream with sprinkles, and exploring all of the amazing places surrounding New Haven. Please feel free to reach out to chat about anything at all - great hikes in the area, medical school, ashleys vs arethusa, you name it! 

Aishwarya Vijay


I was born and raised in Iowa City, Iowa. I was an Yale undergrad and a proud Gnomie (go Davenport!) and received my BS in Electrical Engineering. I took a few years off and am now back in New Haven as a 1st year medical student. I spent some time during my gap years doing global health research abroad in Malaysia. When I’m not doing medicine, my passion in music - I played the violin throughout undergrad and am now part of the medical symphony and a resident string quartet at the School of Medicine. I also love to do yoga and cook (and eat). If you have any questions about medical school, taking a few years off or student life in general, please reach out! I am so excited to be a Davenport Graduate Affiliate and am looking forward to an amazing year.

Anna Vinton

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Originally from Colorado, I’m a 2nd year PhD student in the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology department. My research broadly focuses on developing theory to improve the management of natural systems. I have a background in pure mathematics, and I’ve studied a range of systems from birds, to african cichlids, to bacteria. If you have any questions about my field of research, graduate school or anything else feel free to reach out to me!

Maddy Zimmerman

Forestry and Environmental Studies

Hi everyone! My name is Maddy, and I’m a first year MEM (Master of Environment Management) student at FES. I am originally from the suburbs of Philly. As an undergrad at Yale, I was a member of Davenport and lived in the college all 4 years. I was an EVST major and was a member of the swim and dive team. 
After graduating, I taught Middle School Science in New Jersey for a year before returning to Yale to complete my Masters. I am specializing in Ecosystems and Land Conservation and Management, but I am mostly interested in Environmental Education.
Talk to me about anything including grad school, being a student-athlete at Yale, the MEM/MESc5 programs at FES, education, the environment, identifying trees, and finding the best mac and cheese in New Haven!