Adam Ployd

Dean Adam Ployd received his PhD in Historical Theology from Emory University. Prior to coming to Yale, he served as Vice Principal of Wesley House, the Methodist theological college in Cambridge, UK, and as Assistant Professor of Church History and Historical Theology at Eden Theological Seminary in St. Louis, MO. Dean Ployd’s scholarly interests lie in the thought of Augustine of Hippo (354-430 CE), a North African Christian bishop whose writings continue to influence philosophical, theological, and political thought. Dean Ployd is the author of two books: Augustine, the Trinity, and the Church (OUP, 2015) and Augustine, Martyrdom, and Classical Rhetoric (OUP, 2023).

Raised in Virginia, Dean Ployd is a United Methodist deacon, and his wife, Diane Kenaston, is a United Methodist elder from West Virginia. Dean Ployd and Diane live in Davenport with their son, Isaac. As a family they enjoy board games, museums, theatre, biking, and Bluey. Dean Ployd is an avid music fan, and you are invited to contribute to his growing vinyl collection.