D’Port Facilities

The Dive and Game Room

The Dive is Davenport’s own buttery located in the basement under the Common Room. It’s open every night from 10pm to 1am, and is the perfect place to go to escape from your studies or to vanquish the midnight munchies.

Attached to the Dive is the Game Room, always open to students, which contains 2 pool tables, a foosball table, a ping pong table, and assorted games.  So hang out at The Dive – the real place where everybody knows your name.

Student Kitchen

The Davenport Kitchen is located in The Dive in the Davenport Underground. Davenport students can reserve the kitchen, which is typically stocked with cooking and cleaning supplies, flour, sugar, vanilla, baking powder, and spices, among a few other things. Remember, if you use the kitchen, be sure to leave it as clean as you found it, or even cleaner. To reserve the kitchen, use this link: https://calendar.app.google/1KRi9mLKSPJj9pLC7. If you have any questions, please email davenportkitchen@gmail.com

Davenport-Pierson Gym

The Davenport-Pierson gym, located in the Pierson basement between entryways J and L, is sufficiently equipped with the means for a great workout. Stocked with dumbbells ranging from 5 to 80 pounds and plenty of plates and bars, as well as numerous machines for lower- and upper-body work, people of widely varying levels of experience and strength have the opportunity to enjoy effective workouts. Additionally, the gym contains a stair machine, a stationary bike, a treadmill, and an elliptical machine, all of which are great for cardio and aerobic exercise.

Music Practice Rooms (Pierson College)

Music practice rooms located in the Pierson basement are available for use by Davenport students. There are three smaller rooms for individual practice and one large room for ensembles. Keys can be checked out from the Pierson College Office.

The Wellness center in the armour room

The Wellness Center is located in the Armour Room. It is a place that offers a space for both mind and body. This is a space for organizations to hold wellness events for their members or the wider Davenport/Yale community.

Bookbinding Studio

The Bookbinding Studio is located in the Davenport Underground, next to the Digital Media and Arts Center. Each semester there will be one or two “hand bookbinding” classes in the binding studio, located between the press and the shared open basement space between Davenport and Pierson.

Printing Press

The Printing Press is located in the Davenport Underground, next to the Bookbinding Studio.

Davenport’s Digital Media & Arts Center

The Digital Media & Arts Center, or the DMAC, is located in the Davenport Underground (under entryways J and K, by the pottery studio) and is open to D’Port and Pierson students during its operating hours. Come by anytime during our open hours and the coordinator on duty will let you in and help you out. The DMAC has numerous great things to offer, including:

  • Adobe Creative Suite 2 (Photoshop, ImageReady, Illustrator, InDesign, Bridge, etc.)
  • A set of 3 printers, ranging from a regular desktop inkjet printer (Epson R1800) to a very large glossy photo printer (Epson Stylus 9800) that can print photos and images as large as posters. See above image.
  • A movie-editing station with Final Cut Pro and over a terabyte of storage
  • A music station with a computer, mixer, and keyboard. To inquire about becoming a coordinator in the DMAC, please come by the Davenport College Office.
Pottery Studio

The Pottery Studio is located in the Davenport basement below entryway L in room 048. It is open to all Davenport and Pierson students. If you are interested in using it, you may obtain a key from the Davenport College Office, or come to the regularly scheduled open hours. To get key access, you must sign up to host weekly open hours, or otherwise assist with the studio. The studio contains an electric kiln and pottery wheels. High fire clay and glazes and a variety of pottery tools are also available for student use.

Tue & Wed  7-9pm
Fri 1-3pm & Sun 12-2pm

Email Penelope Van Grinsven, penelope.vangrinsven@yale.edu, for more information.

Basketball Court

Located in the basement under entryway F, this room does not have a dance floor so it may not be used for dance. Please go to theCollege Office if you would like to reserve this space.


The Auditorium is located in the basement under entryway I. The Auditorium has stadium seating for 72, a projector, movie screen, sound booth, stage, and dressing rooms.

Room Reservations

All public space reservations should be approved by both the College Office and the DCC. All Undergraduate Regulations, Yale College Undergraduate Production regulations and requirements of the Yale Fire Compliance office also apply.