Student Employees

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College Aides

Intramural Secretaries

Communication and Consent Educators

Kitchen Managers

Dive Staff

College Aides - 

Davenport Aides are students who work for the College Office and help with the daily running of the college. This year the Aides are:

Ashley Ake                                                                                         


  • Sita Kottilil

Jennifer Le                                                                                                            


  • Will Leggat

  • Ella Martinez

  • Daniela Naumov

  • Jesus Ramos

Montserrat Rodriguez                                                                         

Stephania Chavez- Cisneros                                                       

Intramural Secretaries

Intramural Secretaries coordinate Davenport’s highly successful IM teams.

  • Thomas Hamblet ‘24 (Head IM Secretary)

  • Linda He ‘24

  • Grady Morrissey ‘24 

  • Cici Baillie ‘25

Communication and Consent Educators - 

The Communication and Consent Educators (CCEs) are a large, diverse group of undergraduates working together to foster a more positive sexual and social climate on campus. 

  • Henry Large ‘23

  • Nathalia Reis ‘24

  • Wren Wolterbeek ‘24

Kitchen Managers

The Kitchen Managers control access to the student kitchen and monitor it for cleanliness. To make a reservation, use this link: If you have any questions, email them at

Dive Staff

The Dive Managers coordinate student staffing at the Dive, Davenport’s buttery. They are assisted by student Dive workers so that the buttery can be open every night.