Student Employees

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College Aides

Intramural Secretaries

Kitchen Managers

Dive Staff

College Aides - 

Davenport Aides are students who work for the College Office and help with the daily running of the college. This year the Aides are:

Davenport Aide Matriarch:

Sara Speller ‘19

Head Davenport Aide:

Tom Battles ‘20

Head Davenport Aide:

Hannah Weinstein ‘20

Sydney Daniels ‘19

Foot Davenport Aide:

Nico DeRuiter ‘20

Daniel Diaz-Vita ‘19

Rushea Bartley ‘20

Olivia Roth ’ 20
Ariela Schear ‘19

Rashid Akbari ‘20

Sekou Conde ‘21 Not pictured 
Dan Onuoha ‘21
Miho Carey ‘21
Eda Uzunlar ‘22  Not pictured 
Adam Wassilchalk ‘22
Sebastian Roizner Rodriguez ‘22
Selena Martinez ‘22 Not pictured
Intramural Secretaries

Intramural Secretaries coordinate Davenport’s highly successful IM teams.

Jason Campe ‘22  

George Castillo ‘20

Jason Chu ‘19
Anna Craven ‘21  
Eda Naz Dinc ‘21  
Elizabeth Keller ‘20  
Kitchen Managers

The Kitchen Managers control access to the student kitchen and monitor it for cleanliness. To make a reservation, email them at They are:

Eren Kafadar ‘20  
Ryan Howzell ‘20  
Dive Staff -

Dive Managers: Maurice Ware ‘20 and Hannah Weinstein ‘20

The Dive Managers coordinate student staffing at the Dive, Davenport’s buttery. They are assisted by student Dive workers so that the buttery can be open every night.