Peer Liaisons

Peer liaisons are upperclassmen who help connect first-year students to the wealth of support and programming initiatives based in the LGBTQ Resource Center, the University Chaplain’s Office, the Office of International Students and Scholars, the Afro-American Cultural Center, the Asian American Cultural Center, the La Casa Latino Cultural Center, and the Native American Cultural Center. This program will rely on the resources available at each center, and the peer liaisons will serve as a resource for first-year students and guide them to the services they need. Below are Davenport’s peer liasions. 

Afro-American Cultural Center

Alexandra Jones, Davenport College ‘22

Alexandra Jones is a Davenport student, Class of 2022. She from Silver Spring, Maryland and is a driven Cognitive Science Major with a concentration in Psychology and Economics and a focus on Behavioral Economics. 

Asian American Cultural Center

Linda Thach, Davenport College ‘22

Linda Thach is from Danbury, Connecticut. She is studying Economics, on a pre-med route. Her ultimate goal is to serve as a physician and genetic researcher in the future.

La Casa

Alan Balboa-de la Fuente, Davenport College ‘24


LGBTQ Resource Center

Lill Burton, Davenport College ‘22

Lill Burton is from Valparaiso, Indiana. They are majoring in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality studies. Their research focuses on dissecting the gendered, radicalized, and commodified aspects of the houseplant market and its transnational exchanges. They also work in the Rare Books and Manuscripts department at the Yale Center for British Art.

Native American Cultural Center

Selena Martinez, Davenport College ‘22

Selena Martinez is from San Diego, California. She is studying Earth and Planetary Sciences.  She is a proud Mexican and Cherokee Nation citizen. She also works in the Yale Paleobiology and Evolutionary Development Lab conducting research on early reptile evolution and teeth evolution.

Office of International Students & Scholars

Enrique Chuidian, Davenport College ‘22

Enrique Chuidian is from Makati, Philippines, but has spent most of life in Hong Kong. He is studying Chemical Engineering. He is also a Global Health Scholar. He is particularly interested in issues of healthcare access, sociopolitical determinants of aid and public health initiatives, and the intersection of environmental engineering and health. Outside the classroom, Enrique sings with Mixed Company of Yale, dances with Sabrosura, and works as a Communication and Consent Educator.