Residential College Math & Science Tutoring Program

Christopher Davis is Davenport’s Math and Science tutor. He specializes in Astronomy, Calculus, Physics, Chemical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. He holds drop-in hours in Seminar Room 215 (entryway N) on:

  • Sunday 8-11p
  • Wednesday 7-9p

For a list of tutors, the schedule, and more information, see the Residential College Math & Science Tutoring Program website.

Residential College Writing Tutoring Program

Bill Storandt is Davenport’s writing tutor. He holds office hours by appointment in room N13 on:

  • Monday 4-7p
  • Tuesday 7-9p
  • Thursday 4-7p

To schedule an appointment with the writing tutor or for more information, see please The Writing Center website.