Freshman Counselors

Freshman Counselors are the first point of contact for freshmen looking for help or advice. They are a select group of seniors who live on Old Campus with the Freshmen and dedicate their senior year to the job. Being a FroCo is a full-time commitment every day at all hours, and the students chosen do a truly remarkable job. The 2016-2017 FroCos are listed below with brief bios.

Andrew Bean:

Andrew is incredibly excited to be a Freshman Counselor next year! He is an Applied Mathematics major specializing in graph theory and network science, and promises not to apply math to analyzing the freshmen. (At least not too much.) He is the Co-President of the Davenport College Council, and does various other odd jobs for the college like running this website and, more importantly, playing Davenport IMs. Around campus, he gives engineering tours, sings with the Glee Club and Living Water, and has served as an officer in the Yale Political Union. As the only STEM major on the FroCo team this year, he will try not to be a nerd all the time, but warns you that he really likes numbers and dorky jokes. He looks forward to meeting all of the amazing new Davenport freshmen and welcoming them to the best residential college at Yale!

Isabel Cruz:

Isabel is ecstatic to be joining the FroCo team and helping to welcome Davenport’s newest gnomes to the family! A Sociology major and a member of the Multidisciplinary Academic Program in Human Rights, she loves all things people. On campus, you’re likely to find her tossing frisbees with her teammates on Ramona Club Ultimate, twirling with her fellow dancers in A Different Drum Dance company, talking about feminism and social justice at the Women’s Center, and watching Buzzfeed Animal videos while drinking bubble tea. Isabel is excited to return to the Have after spending the spring and summer studying abroad in Argentina–and can hardly wait to meet all of you!

Nick Friedlander:

Nick Friedlander hails from the “great” state of New Jersey and plays with puppies (i.e. “works” in the Canine Cognition Center) for his research in psychology and comparative cognition. Outside of class, he pours most of his time into his extracurricular activities – he has served as an aide in Davenport, manager and frequent greasy quesadilla consumer at the Dive (the BEST buttery on campus), Chief Operations Officer of the Elmseed Enterprise Fund, director of the YHHAP Book Exchange, head teaching fellow for SheCode, dancer (twerker?) in Danceworks, lighting designer for multiple dance performance groups, and a peer liaison for visiting students from Yale-NUS College in Singapore (where he interned after sophomore year). Above all else, he tries to prioritize the time he spends with the friends he loves (New Haven locals, visiting international students, Yalies, etc.), whether it involves playing charades in the Dive until 4AM on a Tuesday night or discussing the ups and downs of life on the couch in his common room. He looks forward to welcoming the class of 2020 with warm hugs and cookies, and a voice that will be recognizable from 100 feet away.

Avery Grayson:

Avery Parsons Grayson is a Global Affairs major from the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.  She focuses on International Security, especially pertaining to the Middle East, Muslims, Indonesia, and Women’s Issues.  Outside of class she is a Yale University Art Gallery tour guide, a member of the Club II Soccer team, an avid Davenport IM Hockey player, a mentor for New Haven students through the JZ AMP program, and an office assistant at Yale Gift Administration.  She has many interesting, though not particularly useful, talents: thanks to a gap year spent living in Surabaya, Indonesia she is fluent in Indonesian; after spending a summer working on a ranch in Alberta she can now rope cattle from horseback; and from a childhood of modeling for artists in exchange for lessons she can sketch better than the average freshman counselor.  She also has much more applicable skills and experiences that she cannot wait to put into use in welcoming the class of 2020 and helping them find the right classes, jobs, and extracurriculars at Yale!

Rob LaRose:

Rob is incredibly excited to join the 2016-2017 Freshman Counselor team! As a Global Affairs major and member in the Multidisciplinary Academic Program in Human Rights, Rob’s particular interests lay in the realm of international development. He is particularly interested in extreme poverty and the political and economic realities within informal settlements. He comes to Yale from the beautiful (and tremendously underrated) state of Minnesota. An avid sports fan and outdoor enthusiast, you’re likely to find Rob in the library (aren’t you proud of me, mom!) except he’ll more than likely be either streaming a sports game on his laptop or watching any number of youtube videos about animals/nature. In addition, Rob serves as the project coordinator for YHHAP’s Hunger Heroes project, a student-run soup kitchen that serves evening meals to low-income New Haven residents every weekend. As a child, Rob wanted to be an Orca trainer at SeaWorld. His dreams were crushed when he watched the documentary, Blackfish…

Alison Levosky

Alison is a double major in Music and Psychology, and if you’re looking for her you’ll probably find her singing – whether it’s with her a cappella group Living Water, or the 155-year-old Yale Glee Club, or in some other choir she happened to discover on campus. She is a Pennsylvania native, but has found her niche in the New Haven community through tutoring at the Worthington Hooker Elementary School and volunteering at the Boys & Girls Club of New Haven. She enjoys her time spent with Yale Faith & Action and her faith community at City Church, and she also finds time to jam out with the Davenport Pops Orchestra. Alison is beyond excited to meet the incoming class of 2020, and looks forward to baking them cookies and helping them figure out how to navigate freshman year at Yale!

Ishrat Mannan

Ishrat is looking forward to meeting all the new freshmen, who she unfortunately suspects will all be taller than her. As a  double major in Economics and Ethnicity, Race, and Migration and member of the Multidisciplinary Academic Program in Human Rights, she is always down to talk about social justice. Her interests have led her to a variety of extracurricular activities ranging from Yale Refugee Project, Yale Women’s Center, Students Organize for Syria, and WYBC (Yale Radio).  Come find her if you ever want to watch documentaries, complain about colonialism, or consume free ice cream in the Chaplain’s Office, where she works. Originally from Marietta, GA, she is looking forward to providing all the warm Southern hospitality she can while helping you all navigate this exciting new chapter of life that is freshmen year! 

Jasper Tyan:

Jasper is extremely grateful to be on the Freshman Counselor team for the best residential college at Yale! It’s unclear why Nick has great in quotation marks, because Jasper hails from the great state of New Jersey. As an Ethics, Politics, and Economics major and a member of the Education Studies program, he is particularly interested in evaluating the effectiveness of our educational policies in the United States. He loves working with children and cherishes his time mentoring New Haven middle school students through the Jones-Zimmerman Academic Mentoring Program and teaching (i.e. playing with) three to five year-olds at Calvin Hill Day Care Center. Around campus, he is involved in the Davenport College Council as Co-President with Andrew, the Taiwanese American Society and the Yale International Relations Association. Jasper can’t wait to meet all the lucky freshmen that were placed in Davenport. He’ll leave the cooking to Nick and drawing to Avery, but he hopes he can develop long-lasting relationships with the freshmen and help them transition from high school to life at Yale!