Graduate Affiliates

Wendell Adjetey

African American Studies/History

I am a doctoral candidate in the Departments of History and African American Studies, and am writing a dissertation on cross-border activism (civil/human rights, as well as labour) in Canada and the United States from the inter-war period to the 1970s. I also help coordinate the Graduate Affiliate program at D’port. Please contact me, if you have questions about my research or D’port’s fabulous Graduate Affiliate program.

Victor Albert


Victor is a 2nd year graduate student in theoretical physics and also a math/science tutor for Davenport and the Residential College Math & Science Tutoring Program. He has done research in chemical physics and electronic structure; currently, he is working on quantum information and condensed matter physics. Originally from Russia, Victor got his undergrad from the University of Florida and is an avid Gator fan. His hours of tutoring are listed here in case you need help with something math/science-y:…. If you just like to meet up to chat about anything, you are more than welcome to email him via the default Yale address.

Ben Alter


Shanondora Billiot

Henry Roe Cloud Writing Fellow

Hello! I am thrilled to be a graduate affiliate at Davenport. I am here for one year as a Henry Roe Cloud Writing Fellow. My home institution is Washington University in St. Louis where I am a doctoral candidate in social work. I study how environmental changes like coastal erosion and chronic disasters impact the health and mental health of indigenous peoples and other marginalized communities. I spent the last year collecting data for my dissertation with my tribal community in coastal Louisiana. Prior to graduate school I worked as a social worker analyzing federal policies through the Presidential Management Fellowship. I am loving being near water and mountains again. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

Lindsay Brewer

Law/Forestry and Environmental Studies

I am excited to serve as a graduate affiliate for Davenport College.  My name is Lindsay Brewer and I am a third-year student at Yale pursuing a Juris Doctor at Yale Law School and a Master of Environmental Management at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. I am fascinated by environmental law, privacy law, and the ways in which the private sector contributes to positive environmental and social changes. Feel free to reach out to me at if you would like to discuss hot topics in environmental law, applying to law school or a masters program, deciding whether to study multiple subjects at the graduate level, or anything else that suits your fancy! 

Dervin Cunningham

Yale School of Medicine

To those of you I have not met yet, my name is Dervin Cunningham and I am currently a 2nd year at Yale School of Medicine. I was created in South Georgia and my family is from Jamaica. As for hobbies, I like a lot of things……. music, basketball, strolling, philosophizing, ordering books off of Amazon, and much more. Not sure yet what I will be doing in the future but my hope is that whatever it is I never stop dreaming. I look forward to meeting each of you, so if ever seen around the college or campus don’t hesitate to say hello. Wishing you all nothing less than the best!

Alexander Defroand

Clare Mellon Fellow/History

Originally from Essex, England, I am one of Davenport’s two resident Mellon Fellows for 2015-17. The Mellon Fellowship is a two-year graduate exchange program between Yale and Clare College, Cambridge. This year, I am undertaking a Masters in History, focusing on religion, race and American foreign policy since the Civil War. On top of this, I am also an Assistant Coach for the Yale Field Hockey team and I work for the Yale Journal of International Affairs. Please feel free to email me ( or approach me around college – I’d love to meet you!

Tyrone DeSpenza

Yale School of Medicine

Tyrone is from New Orleans, so he spends most Sundays watching the Saints, the best football team.  He studied Neuroscience and was a member of the Varsity Track team as a an undergraduate at Dartmouth College.  He is now a 2nd year MD/PhD student in Neuroscience at YSM, and is interested in understanding the molecular genetics of neurodevelopmental disorders. Feel free to contact Tyrone to meet for med school/premed advice over coffee, going out for a run, or watching sports, especially the Saints :)  

Margret Erlendsdottir


Danielle Feurer


I am a first-year student at the Yale Law School. A proud Gnome during my undergraduate years, I am excited to be back in the Davenport College community. I received my B.A. in Political Science from Yale in 2015 and headed straight back to New Haven for the next round of studies. Within the legal realm, I have focused on civil rights and employment law—narrowing in on fields that touch the public interest. Though originally from Los Angeles, I have taken every opportunity to live and work abroad, from Hong Kong to the Peruvian Amazon. Outside of classrooms and legal clinics, I also enjoy hiking, cooking, and traveling.    

Eric Fish


Eric Fish is a Ph.D. candidate in law at Yale Law School.  He was also a law student here. Feel free to e-mail him with any questions about law school, academics, or anything else.

Lia Grigg

School of Management

I am a second year MBA at the School of Management. My professional focus is on private sector development in emerging markets. Before SOM, I worked in international development, helping manage USAID programs in South and Central – my projects ranged from improving water resource management for small holder farmers in Tajikistan to supporting the development of civil society in Myanmar. Originally from New York, I studied medieval history at Dartmouth as an undergrad. Come chat if you want to talk about international development, brainstorm cool places to travel, geek out over the crusades, or debate the best places to Ski the East.

Jennifer Hanberg


I’m a first year medical student and so excited to be part of the Davenport community again! I studied mathematics as an undergraduate and graduated in 2013; since then I’ve participated in a post-baccalaureate pre-medical program at Bryn Mawr College and done two years of research in cardiology. Outside of academics, I really enjoy healthy baking, running/hiking, board/card games, playing the piano, and foreign languages (always looking for a chance to practice Russian, German or Spanish!) Please don’t hesitate to reach out – I’d love to talk about alternative paths to medicine, pre-medical or veterinary volunteering, life as a married (medical) student, optimal running routes in New Haven, or the secret of the 50-calorie brownie.

Clare Kane


I was a Davenport Froco during 2013-2014 (shoutout to my froshbabies who are now Frocos themselves!) While at Yale I double-majored in English and Ethics, Politics, & Economics and played ultimate frishbee. I spent two years teaching high school English in rural Texas on the Mexican border, and I’m back at law school to focus on immigration law and legal teaching. Originally from Washington State, I love hiking, biking, camping, running, backpacking, kayaking, and anything else that gets me outdoors. Let’s go for a run! Or shoot me an email and let’s talk about anything.

Shakkura Kemet

Public Health
Hi Everyone! My name is Shakkaura (shak-KORE-uh) and I am in the last year of my master of public health here at Yale. I am in the social and behavioral sciences department (SBS). I graduated from Harvard in 2015 with a major in stem cell biology, and a minor in African American Studies. Here at Yale, my area of interest is maternal health. I am also currently applying to medical school. I have wanted to be an OB/GYN since I was 7! When I am not doing school stuff I can usually be found watching Netflix or making some kind of health food recipe I found on Pintrest. When I am feeling super motivated I sometimes can be found doing both of these things in tandem. Looking forward to talking to all of you about your many interests!

Julia Knight


I’m a proud Davenporter and Ethics, Politics & Economics major from the class of 2011. I’m currently a third year student in a four year JD/MBA program with the law school and the School of Management. Please reach out if you’d like to chat about law/business school, tech policy and startups, my experience as a Liman Summer Fellow, or anything else!

Brian Koziara

School of Management

I am a second-year MBA student at the School of Management while also concurrently pursuing a JD at Michigan Law.  I am excited to serve as a Davenport Grad Affiliate and am looking forward to getting to know everyone this year – don’t hesitate to come up and introduce yourself when I’m around!  My graduate studies center primarily around the intersection of finance and law, and after working in investment banking at Lazard in NYC this past summer, I will be returning to the city to complete an internship at a law firm next summer.  Here at Yale, I am involved in the Finance Club and Private Equity & Venture Capital Club at SOM, play on the Yale Club Lacrosse team, and serve as a grad student instructor for Yale Undergraduate Diversified Investments (YUDI).  Originally hailing from suburban southeast Michigan, I completed my undergraduate degrees at the University of Michigan in International Political Economy and Music Composition.  My other interests include mentorship and leadership, politics, foreign languages, music, skiing, wakeboarding, and the outdoors.  Don’t be a stranger and feel free to reach out to chat!

Angus Ledingham

Clare Mellon Fellow/History


Don Li


I am currently a third year MD/PhD student, which means that I spend most of my time around the hospital; however, more importantly, I was a 2013 graduate of Davenport and a former Dport freshman counselor. Unfortunately, that means that I have never quite lost my tendency of trying to give advice on just about any subject regardless of my qualification for doing so. I enjoy hanging out and I am always open to having a meal or meeting up if you have questions or if you just want meet for any reason whatsoever. In particular I was very involved with Yale Summer Session, the Yale Political Union, and general being a pre-med at Yale so if you are interested in talking about those subjects you should definitely contact me at Looking forward to meeting you!

Sanjna Malpani

School of Forestry

Sanjna Malpani is a second year Master of Environmental Management candidate at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies.At the age of 19, she founded and ran a social venture known as “Jal Jyoti” (meaning water-light in Hindi), which provides cost and energy-efficient lighting solutions to densely packed urban slums in Mumbai using Alfredo Moser’s “Bottled Light” concept. The organization has lit over 130 homes in various slums across the city, and has lead to an annual average saving of Rs. 2500 per household. Jal Jyoti has also won two international awards, including the Walmart Women’s Empowerment grant. 
Sanjna spent one year in Madrid on scholarship where she studied business administration at ICADE – Comillas Pontificial University (and attempted to learn Spanish). She also gave a TEDx talk at TEDxUPComillas about her journey through the Mumbai slums. Her interests lie in redeveloping urban slum areas using solar energy. She has also spent some time in China, researching the potential of third party financing for renewable distributed generation. She graduated with distinction from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai with a degree in Life Science and Biochemistry.
When Sanjna isn’t in the lab or busy with Jal Jyoti, she can be found in the kitchen testing healthy recipes for sinless desserts. She is also a pilates enthusiast and an avid reader! 

Torey McMurdo

GSAS Political Science

Torey McMurdo is a Ph.D. student in political science, where her research focuses on cyber conflict and information warfare. 

Prior to pursuing a Ph.D., McMurdo worked as a strategy consultant in Silicon Valley, where she helped advise senior executives of leading global tech, logistics and financial companies on investment and expansion strategies in emerging markets. Previously, she worked at Stanford University, where she researched business risks and opportunities across Asia for Stanford’s Graduate School of Business. She has also held positions with the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau for Near Eastern Affairs and The Walt Disney Company. As an undergraduate, McMurdo spent two years researching organizational adaptation challenges facing the U.S. Intelligence Community through UCLA’s Luskin School of Public Affairs.

McMurdo holds a B.A. with highest honors in political science from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and a MA in political science from Yale. In addition to her role as a Grad Affiliate at Davenport, she is also a Policy Fellow at Yale’s Institute for Social and Policy Studies, and a Resident Fellow at Yale Law School’s Information Society Project.


Shantanu Mundhada


Shantanu is a fourth year graduate student in experimental Physics. This is his first year as a graduate affiliate for Davenport and he will be a part of mentor-ship program for students pursuing sciences. Originally from India, Shantanu finished his undergraduate degree in Engineering Physics from Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati. He joined graduate program at Yale immediately after and is currently pursuin research in Quantum Computation. If you would want to meet up and chat about science, research or life in general please email him.

N’Kosi Oates

Divinity School

I am a second-year MA student in religion at Yale Divinity School. My research interests include 20th century United States intellectual history, African American history since 1865, religion, and social movements. When he is not in the archives, he likes to watch documentaries and tennis.

Tina Post

GSAS American Studies and African American Studies

I’m a 5th year grad student in African American and American studies, working mostly in the realm of performance studies. My dissertation, “Deadpan Aesthetics in Black Expressive Culture,” explores performances of expressionlessness, inscrutability, and affective withholding in African American arts and culture. Before coming to Yale I earned a B.A. from Wells College and an M.F.A. in Creative Writing from the University of Alaska Anchorage. I’m an enthusiastic participant in Yale’s performance studies working group, and I’m always happy to geek out on the arts (any kind). I’m also into knitting, baking, wood stoves, and other cozy things. I live in Fair Haven with my husband, two kids, and dog.

Neal Ravindra

Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry

I’m a Ph.D. candidate in the department of Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry and I’m part of the integrated graduate program in physical and engineering biology. My dissertation research is focused on understanding how several weak protein-protein interactions enable the rapid assembly of large macromolecular networks. I’m currently obsessed with modular protein interaction domains and I’m trying to figure out exactly how ‘modular’ they are. The broader goal of my current fixation is to try and understand  how the relationship between binding specificity and binding affinity affects the function of signaling networks, and, in particular, endocytosis, the process by which cells internalize extracellular signals and nutrients. I use CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing techniques, bioinformatics, mathematical modeling, single-molecule imaging, and quantitative microscopy to help me generate the content of my dissertation. Before I transitioned into biology at Yale, I studied physics and philosophy as an undergraduate at the University of Notre Dame. In my spare time, I’m involved with the New Haven Science Fair as a member of the Scientific Review Committee and I love playing the violin, cooking, and hiking. So, if you’re interested in getting involved in the local science fair (mentoring, judging, or reviewing projects), or if you’re thinking about applying to graduate school, or even if you’re in need of an amateur violinist or an informal conversation about anything, please reach out to me at <> and I’d be happy to chat with you!

Shuaib Raza


Shuaib is a Davenport 2014 alum and former Freshman Counselor.


Pedro Regalado

American Studies

Pedro A. Regalado is a PhD student in American Studies. As an urban historian interested in structural inequality, his research focuses on the intersections of urban poverty, immigration, race, and policy. Pedro is currently investigating the relationship between drug enforcement policies in the U.S. as they relate to the incarceration of Latina/os during the 1980’s and 1990’s. He received his B.A. summa cum laude in History from Loyola University Chicago. His work is featured in The Encyclopedia of Greater Philadelphia and The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Miranda Sachs


I am a fifth year in the History Department studying working-class children in nineteenth-century Paris, but my broader interests are in European History and the History of Childhood. I spent the past year in France conducting research for my dissertation and trying to find the best pastries Paris has to offer. Before coming to Yale, I studied at unnamed college in New Jersey. When not reading crumbling papers in the archives, I love to bake, travel, and root for the San Francisco Giants. Please feel free to email if you have questions about studying history, finding grants to study foreign languages, France or are searching for innovative cookie recipes.

Judith Stapleton

History of Art

I am a second year PhD student in the History of Art Department. I received my undergraduate degree from Franklin & Marshall College in 2012 before embarking across the pond with a Fulbright Grant to study British art and the First World War at the University of Bristol. I can usually be found snacking on gluten free deliciousness at Davenport cafeteria on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 12-1. Come talk to me about life, art, health, food, books, hiking, travel—you name it! 

Aishwarya Vijay


I was born and raised in Iowa City, Iowa. I was an Yale undergrad and a proud Gnomie (go Davenport!) and received my BS in Electrical Engineering. I took a few years off and am now back in New Haven as a 1st year medical student. I spent some time during my gap years doing global health research abroad in Malaysia. When I’m not doing medicine, my passion in music - I played the violin throughout undergrad and am now part of the medical symphony and a resident string quartet at the School of Medicine. I also love to do yoga and cook (and eat). If you have any questions about medical school, taking a few years off or student life in general, please reach out! I am so excited to be a Davenport Graduate Affiliate and am looking forward to an amazing year.

Anna Vinton

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Originally from Colorado, I’m a 2nd year PhD student in the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology department. My research broadly focuses on developing theory to improve the management of natural systems. I have a background in pure mathematics, and I’ve studied a range of systems from birds, to african cichlids, to bacteria. If you have any questions about my field of research, graduate school or anything else feel free to reach out to me!

Nathaniel Zelinsky