Student Employees

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College Aides

Intramural Secretaries

Kitchen Managers

Dive Staff


College Aides - 

Davenport Aides are students who work for the College Office and help with the daily running of the college. This year the Aides are:

Head Davenport Aide:

Sonia Helen Pascale ’18

Head Davenport Aide:

Sara Speller ‘19

Rushea Bartley ‘20
Grace Wynter ‘20
Sydney Daniels ‘19
Katie Kuenzle ‘19
Ariela Schear ‘19
George Gemelas ’18
Isabel Mendia ’18
Zaki Bahrami ‘18
Haley Mitchell-Adams ‘18
Tom Battles ‘20
Daniel Diaz-Vita ‘19  
Clay Bailey ‘20
Intramural Secretaries

Intramural Secretaries coordinate Davenport’s highly successful IM teams.

Zaki Bahrami ‘18

Jason Chu ‘19

Photo coming soon!
Thomas Lopez ‘19
Megan Rasmussen ‘18
Julianne Kennedy ‘17
Magdaleno Mora ‘17
Kitchen Managers

The Kitchen Managers control access to the student kitchen and monitor it for cleanliness. To make a reservation, email them at They are:

Charlotte Killiam ‘18
Elise Gubbins ‘18
Dive Staff -

The Dive Managers coordinate student staffing at the Dive, Davenport’s buttery. They are assisted by student Dive workers so that the buttery can be open every night.

Managers: Haley Mitchell-Adams ‘18 and Reed Srere ‘17  
Ansh Bhagat ‘18 and Zaki Bahrami ‘18  
Ariela Schear ‘19, Natalie Zatz ‘19, and Jason Campbell ‘18  
Esteban Elizondo ‘18 and Grace Castillo ‘18  
Haley Mitchell-Adams ‘18 and Andre Montiero ‘18  
Jan-Alfred Aquino ‘17 and Anson Wang ‘17
Jason Campbell ‘18, Lilla Brody ‘18 and Jake Fender ‘18  
Jason Chu ‘19 and Emily Everlith ‘19
Kevin Kiernan ‘18 and Joseph Battles ‘18  
Lisa Zhang ‘16 and Sarah Bull ‘16  
Livvy Bedford ‘16 and Amy Sheng ‘16  
Lucas Riccardi ‘17 and Lora Kelley ‘17  
Meg Mathile ‘17 and George Gemelas ‘18  
Webmaster -

Ariela Schear ‘19