Davenport College Council

A description of Davenport College Council and its activities can be found here. The current members and officers are listed below. Anyone is welcome to come to meetings, and elections are held near the end of fall semester. Email the council at davenportcollegecouncil@gmail.com.

Submissions for Davenport Event Funding:

If you are a Davenport student looking to throw an event for the college, DCC can give you help and funding. Just fill out the form below to submit your event to the Fall 2016 contest: 

Davenport Event Funding Form 


  • Andrew Bean ‘17 and Jasper Tyan ‘17
Vice President
  • Tresa Joseph ‘18
  • Sonia Helen Pascale ‘18
SAC Chairs
  • Megan Rasmussen ‘18 and Stephanie Levine ‘19
Assistant SAC Chair
  • Sydney Daniels ‘19
  • Esteban Elizondo ‘18
Sophomore Reps
  • Hudson Walberg ‘19, Katie Kuenzle ‘19, Cody Clements ‘19, Neil Zhang ‘19, and Anthony Fraga ‘19
Freshman Reps
  • Hannah Dickson ‘20, Edward Gelernt ‘20, Emily Howell ‘20